Best Food For Your Hair Growth – Tips and Guide

Hair needs some particular substances to grow that are found in different foods. These foods are fruity, vegetables, meat, oil and also milk. All of this food for hair growth has in it the basic component for hair, which are proteins.

Best Food For Your Hair Growth

Food For Your Hair Growth

Proteins are generally found in the human body and in the body of animal. So, white meat or read meat also has them. Some fruits can also have proteins and vegetables also. However, if you don’t enjoy eating meat, mushrooms have to closest protein to meat protein.

The other essential element in hair growth is vitamins. These are found in the human body and are taken from fruits and vegetables. Other compounds of foods that help grow hair are minerals like iron or magnesium. To speed up the keratin production, the milk is idealistic in this process.

The hair growth of one person is directly linked with that person’s life stile. A poor nutrition and a lot of stress can produce a thin hair that falls of and has a very slow growing rate.

The metabolism also influences hair growth, because how fast the vitamins from the fruits absorbed into the body are is directly linked with the possibility of the body to give those vitamins to the hair.

Coffee is another important element in hair growth and other than working like an antioxidant it also has a very strong connection with hair growth by speeding up a bit the whole process.

Furthermore, foods can be applied on the scalp for growth. Fruit masks are one of such foods, or yogurt. Basically, what these foods do is that they feed the skin at a cellular level once applied on the scalp. The hair becomes shiny and thicker if these are used regularly.

Final Verdict

Vitamins for hair growth are A, B, C, D, and most important E. the C vitamin is at very low levels in smoker’s bodies, so if you want a long hair, you will have to eat a kiwi after every smoke to compensate the loss. Vitamin E is most important because it’s the vitamin that feeds the whole skin, thus insuring a healthy scalp and a strong hair.

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