Diet to Go Review: World of diets (Product Review)

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Diet to Go Review –

diet to go

Diet-to-Go offers three unique menus (low-fat, low-carb, and vegetarian (which is the one I chose)), and twenty different plans to accommodate a wide range of schedules.

When I opened the box, I was amazed by just how much food I had received – a total of fifteen meals!  As I unpacked everything, I got really overwhelmed, really fast!  There were so many things!

Although I didn’t document all of the meals, there were some that I especially loved!  The power-bar was a tasty breakfast option that paired with a carton of Stonyfield yogurt and orange juice.

I really loved the eggs florentine, which is actually something I’ve never eaten before this!  The asparagus (an odd addition to a breakfast meal, I thought) overcooked when I was heating it up, so I threw it away.

The lentil loaf, green beans, and sweet potatoes was my last meal and probably one of my favorites – those sweet potatoes were absolutely delicious!!

What did I enjoy about Diet-to-Go?

Overall, the food was really delicious, especially considered they are marketed as diet meals.  Because really, that is not a phrase that evokes thoughts of enjoyable food in my mind.  There were a couple things I ended up not eating, such as the aforementioned asparagus.  A couple of the meals came with fruit cups that I didn’t care for, as I found them really tart.  Beyond those couple of things, I loved the flavors and the variety of kinds of meals.  For someone who tends to eat a lot of the same things every day, it was nice to have a wide range.

For those meals that came with nutritional information, I appreciated there were a lot of real ingredients rather than a long list of chemicals and unpronounceable junk.

I also loved having one less thing to worry about as I was getting ready in the morning.  Rather than thinking about packing my breakfast and lunch to bring to work, all I had to do was throw a couple of the packaged meals into my bag as I was heading out the door.

What did I dislike about Diet-to-Go?

Several of the meals had extremely high sodium contents – one of the meals had over 1800mg of sodium (76% of the daily value!).  While I understand that Mexican and packaged foods are both notorious for high sodium, I thought that was a bit extreme.  There was also one meal that, as packaged, had over 1,000 calories!  For a diet meal, that seemed excessive.

I also would have found it helpful to have a specifically written out meal plan for what meals to combine each day to maximize my experience, especially since some of the packages were not labeled with any nutritional information.  I should note, though, that Diet-to-Go does now offer a meal plan management tool, which would allow customers to log in and make as many meal substitutions as they want, change their plan, and can pause their plan and restart easily.  This may make meal planning easier, but I didn’t have that access with the sample plan, so I couldn’t say for certain.

The environmentalist in me also had a lot of issues with the huge amounts of packaging, particularly the large styrofoam box all the meals were shipped in, but I know that is something to be expected with a mail-order food delivery program.

Is this something I would buy with my own money?

In all honesty, probably not. I do think it is worth considering and for many others, is a great option.  It’s just not for me.  While I absolutely love the idea of Diet-to-Go, the cons outweigh the pros for where I am at this stage in my healthy living journey. I think for someone just starting to figure things out with a flexible food budget, it’s an option worth considering, especially if paired with a nice green salad on the side for some extra veggies.

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